Make Her Happy

It’s all about making her happy. It’s a big day for you both. She has been waiting for the day since she was a little girl. You met and fell in love, and she has been looking forward to the day you propose to her. It’s time to make it as special as possible. Everything on that day, leading up to it, and after has to be cantered around making her happy. You need to show her how special she is to you. How important she is to you. Do absolutely everything in your power to make her the happiest women around, since she is everything to you.

Anytime you are planning the big proposal, ask yourself if it will make her happy. Will it make her feel special. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, ignore those who may disagree. If it won’t make her happy then toss it but, if it will make her happy, then you found it and that is what matters.