Build an Idea Not a Script

When planning your proposal you should be building an idea of how it’s going to go, more than a script of what will happen. A proposal should be at least somewhat organic playing itself out based on guidelines you have set. Trying to script it and have it play out exactly how you thought in your head will result in disappointment and frustration since things just don’t happen that way generally. You have to stay dynamic and go with the flow. Ideally finding the flow and riding it. Plan everything and all the little details to help make the path but, don’t attach to them like it will be exact to the plan. Besides, spontaneity adds to romance so, having things arise and dealing with them gracefully will only help your cause. Get a good idea in your head, and plan out the details of the day, just keep in mind that all things in life are dynamic and that’s part of what will make it perfect.