Vacation Proposal

Is proposing on a vacation a bad idea? Well I guess a big part of that depends if she says yes.. or that flight home together could be very awkward.

Proposing on a vacation can be a wonderful thing. If it’s somewhere special to you both then it’s a great place to do it, and if it’s not special before it makes it special after.

Proposing on a vacation can be a big hit. You’re proposing in a magical place. You get to spend a lot of time together before and after the proposal. Almost everything about it becomes unique and special. It ensures that it is just the two of you, with no outside distractions of family or friends.

Another option on the same chord would be to propose then whisk her away on a trip. She may even know about the trip or if you can manage then make it a surprise. That makes for a wonderful proposal lasting the whole vacation.

Proposing on a trip can be a great idea. Especially if you know she is going to say yes. It makes the whole trip become a part of the big proposal. You just have to plan it out.

Where do you think the ideal proposal spot is? Comment below.