Proposing in Front of Family

Maybe you have thought about proposing in front of your families. Marriage is about family, just think, your having a big family gathering, everyone is there, and you get down on one knee and ask the big question. Not so fast, maybe it’s not such a great idea.

The first big thing is knowing your families are in full support of your engagement. If they aren’t, or are even going to be negatively surprised, then this could make for a horrible proposal.

You would have to make sure everyone is there or they may feel very left out. What if last minute your mother in law to be, can’t make it then do you cancel your otherwise perfectly planned proposal. You would probably have to.

Does she even want your families watching, or is that an unnecessary pressure that she wouldn’t want put on her. This is probably the biggest question you should ask yourself; would she want that.

All that being said, there is a plus side to it. Marriage is about family, so having them involved and connected by this can be a beautiful thing. If it’s something your bride to be would want then it’s a consideration for sure. Just keep in mind that it means the proposal has many more moving parts that you need to work with. Family wants the best for you but, they may do or say something you don’t expect, that can throw a wrench into your perfect proposal.

Would you ever propose in front of family or is it a bad idea? Comment below