How do you find her ring size?

You want to get her the perfect ring but, you need to know it fits. How can you figure out her ring size without her knowing so you can keep it a surprise? If she figures out that you are trying to find out the size of her engagement ring then it could spoil the whole surprise. Plus, to make things harder, she may not even know her own ring size for that finger. Let’s look at some ways to figure out her ring size.

Fingers come in many sizes, luckily your jeweller will be able to change the size of her ring to fit her finger perfectly. They do this by measuring and sizing the ring to her finger. The most common sizes are between 5-8, but could be more or less than that. Once you have purchased the ring most jewllers can resize it for free or a small fee, and fingers can change sizes too, with weight gain or loss, pregnancy etc. so it may need resizing through the years. Fingers even change sizes through the day so, it’s generally best to measure later in the day, when the fingers are at their largest.

You definitely don’t want to line everything up for the perfect proposal and not have the ring fit. If it’s close in size, you can manage but, if your way off wether too big or small, it would not sit well. So, How do you find her ring size without her knowing? Well if you have discussed the engagement and are open, you could straight up ask her but, even if you are in that boat she would probably be more impressed that you found it out on your own.

Early in the relationship when you start getting that feeling she may be the one, ask or figure out her ring size so when the time comes she doesn’t remember telling you.

Illicit help from a friend or her mother/sister. If they are involved in the engagement or know you will be asking, and can keep a secret, they may know or be able to find out for you.

Pop into a store in the mall to “casually look at jewelry” and check finger sizes, make it a playful game. It would be a good opportunity to get the feel for what she likes in an engagement ring as well. Just be careful not to make it too obvious. Some jewlers will take mental notes on what customers liked and sizing, so if you go back later you they may be able to answer some questions for you. Or better yet, set it up before hand and have the jeweller do the work for you while u browse the watches or another store, and they get a feel for what she likes and size her finger.

You can check other rings she wears. Just keep in mind that different fingers are different sizes so, if it fits her middle finger of her left hand it likely will be bigger than her ring finger but, it gets you in the ball park, and a half to full ring size smaller is likely going to be close or right on. If there is a ring she has that fits, then you can get the size by tracing the inside diameter on paper, or taking an imprint in playdough or something soft, or sneak it out of her jewellery box when she’s away. Take that to a jeweller or look online for a sizing guide to make a match. If she never takes it off you can play with her ring while watching tv or holding hands and slip it onto one of your fingers and see which finger it fits, or to what point of your finger it fits and use that size as a guide.

Another option, if you can get stealthy and creative, would be to use a string or strip of paper and wrap it around her finger, marking where on that finger it wraps around to. An online guide will show you the size. You could try this while she sleeps or in a playful manner, tying a string around her finger and saying it’s a prisoner, and later when she cuts or slides it off u save it and you now have her ring size.

In the end, have fun with it and do the best you can to find at least a close size. It can always get it resized, and probably will anyway.