Wedding Day Gift

When you get married is it customary to give your fiancé a gift before the ceremony?

Maybe it’s not mandatory but, it’s a thoughtful way to say I love you and add an extra special something to the day. Something that can be cherished forever. It’s a tradition that is honoured by some but, is optional. It certainly doesn’t have to be something major but, something extra on your big day. It’s an option and isn’t necessary.

You can exchange gifts the night before, or have it delivered to their door while they get ready. Or even after the ceremony. Anything from something to bring up a memory to an item you can use on your honeymoon. Come gifts may be a picture frame with the two of you, or snorkel gear for the honeymoon, or something to be worn at the ceremony like earrings (keeping in mind she may already have everything to wear picked out perfectly together). Whatever you two desire is perfect.

Depending on you both will decide what to do. Discuss it before hand or just get something nice and present it. Show your love every way you can.

Leave comments below, is it a tradition that should be continued?