Talk About It

A marriage proposal is taking a step together by deciding to become a team and work together in life. It’s a partnership you are choosing to make for life.

You should have an idea and ideally discussions about the big things in life prior to you popping the question. At this point of your relationship you have already probably talked about a lot of it but, it’s important to ensure you have similar goals in life, and I’m joining in the partnership.

Where do you see yourselves in 50years? Is family important to your both? Do you want children? There are many more questions, a lot of which are very deep conversations to truly u defat and your partner. These conversations help build that relationship though.

Your dreams and goals may not perfectly align but, are you ok with that? Are there things you may not agree on that can be worked on or a deal breaker? Having these talks and sharing tend to come naturally through the relationship, and will help strengthen your bond together.