Asking for Her Hand in Marriage

Asking her dad for her hand in marriage might seem old fashioned but I don’t know too many dads out there who wouldn’t appreciate it, even if they aren’t old fashioned. Set a time for a coffee or a fishing trip and ask. Tell him how much you care for his daughter and that you want to spend your life with her. It’s a true show of respect.

If you want to be more modern about it, consider having her mom there as well and ask for both of their blessing. Based it on your unique situation. Your girlfriend will appreciate this gesture as well. If by chance there is some tension in the family, you don’t need to ask but, certainly consider it.

Asking to take her hand in marriage is a respectful and loving gesture. It shows you care about her and her family and recognize the joining of your families. After all you are asking to take her away a bit and become the main man in her life, which her dad has played a role as up until now. When she finds out you asked it will add to the whole proposal. Do it with love.

Is it too old fashioned? Or a great idea? Comment below