Engagement Announcement

You popped the question and she said yes! You are both going to want to let the world know. But how to do it. Personal phone calls are still very common at least with those close to you. A text message or group message is becoming more common place. Even email for those who you may not talk to on a daily basis.

This is a great opportunity for you both to be creative and work together to come up with an idea that’s fun to share with everyone. Could be a cleaver picture, or a video. Throwing an engagement party where you share your great news, is a popular way to let a group of friends know. It could be at a lunch, dinner, or drinks.

Sharing over multiple streams is almost inevitable. Where you may tell some over the phone, some over text, and a blanket message over your social media. Expect to receive lots of congratulations and also lots of advice.

Find how you want to share your news and try to have fun with it. Be creative and let the world know that your love has said yes.