Don’t Overcomplicate It

It’s important to fine tune the details but, don’t overcomplicate it. Too many moving pieces increases the likelihood of failure. If too much is going on the moment will he lost.

Plan for what’s important, plan for the details and make them happen. Keep in mind that life is dynamic and things may not go exactly as planned. Don’t get hung up on things that may hold back the proposal. Just cause it’s in your plan doesn’t mean on game day it will go off without a hitch. By not overcomplicating things you can help to make it go well. Keeping things simple will help things move along nicely.

Simple yet romantic. The little things that make her heart sing. Not a whole lot of grand gestures that need every little bit to go off perfect. But a whole lot of little gestures that aren’t reliant on each other to go off perfect. Fine tune every detail but, keep it simple for the perfect proposal.